Bring friends and family together in style. Realize your dream kitchen with our Custom Cabinetry. Our cabinetry transcends the kitchen. Use it to shape your bathroom, bedroom, laundry room, or any room. At RD Cook we build great relationships through serving the needs of our design partners. We are a team of individuals who collectively work for the common good. One of the ways we strive to achieve greatness is by serving our community with the charitable sharing of our time, knowledge, and finances to the benefit of others.

From traditional to contemporary to transitional, every detail found in our cabinetry contributes to the distinct looks you want to achieve. Our cabinetry falls into three style categories; traditional, contemporary, and transitional.


Dan Cook

R. Dan Cook – Owner
Dan has been doing cabinets since 1977 and is committed to custom cabinets. Each And every job is important as the first. He is passionate about woodworking and puts his heart into the work to be done. When he is not working he enjoys time with his family and has enjoyed skydiving and motorcycles.

Christine Cook

Christine Cook – Co-Owner
Christine is one of the most important people at the company and has been a supporter of the business from the start. She is one of the most hardworking and dedicated people you will ever meet. She is involved with design and has a sense of art and symmetry. When she is not working she enjoys time with family and looking for art objects.


Alex Shpil
Alex is a dedicated and talented cabinetmaker. He is diligent and detail oriented working consistently to build your cabinets to the highest quality standard. When he is not working he enjoys doing things with his family and sports. He also enjoys getting together with friends.


Augustine Mawusi
Augustine Mawusi…known affectionately as “Mr. T” is our cabinet finisher. He is totally committed to the staining, painting, and final finish that you see. He sands patiently and hand wipes the stains with great care to achieve the proper color, and then sprays on the final finish with multiple coats, hand sanded between each coat until the final finish is achieved. When he is not working he enjoys doing things with his family and sports.


Jim Lonberger
Jim is a cabinetmaker and installer. His commitment and easy going personality are apparent with everything he does. He has been doing it for 30+ years and is diligent and persistent at getting the job done. When he walks away you know it is done right. When he is not working he enjoys time with his family and his dog and working on home projects.


Our latest hire. He is in training and is a hard worker. When he is not working he enjoys sports and spending time with his family.